Software Development

What kind of software can you make?

We specialize in cross platform software. We can make beautiful programs ranging from industrial control to file conversion software that will run on Windows, Mac, and Linux

Can you make software that communicates with hardware?

Absolutely. We have created software that manages microcontrollers, industrial controllers, and servers. If it has a communication port, we can build software to control it.

Web Development

Can you build a WordPress website?

Absolutely. We specialize in wordpress websites. In fact, you are reading this on one right now.

We want put all of our company data in the cloud. Can you help?

Yes. Cloud architectures and database design is one of our specialities. We can build a custom interface to store all of your company data online, accessible from anywhere in the world fast and secure.

Product Development

I have a tech startup idea. I need help with development. Can you help?

YES! We have partnered up with dozens of companies to develop their billion dollar idea. We are willing to develop your idea under contract, or partner up with our resources.

We have a really big project we need built. Do you have a limit on project sizes?

We have done projects that range from a day to develop, to ongoing projects that take years of constant innovation. No project is too big or too small.

Will I be able to resell a product you develop for us?

Yes, however we have a slightly different pricing between products for a company vs a product that will be resold.


How quickly does development take?

This of course depends on the amount of work the development will take. However, we are not new to pounding energy drinks all night in a 24 hour development cycle to develop large applications in a very short time.

Do you do graphic design?

Of course. Every program, app, product, requires, at minimum, custom icons. We do everything from design to development.

Do you offer turn key service?

Yes. We offer hourly rates or turn key, flat rate bids. We can do whatever you need.